Directions to Fryburg Sportsman's "Club Farm"
Take Exit #60 off of I-80 and head North on SR66 - 4.0mi
At red light, turn left onto SR 322W toward Shippenville - 1.9mi
At red light, turn right onto SR 208 toward Fryburg - 7.5mi
At stop sign, turn right to remain on SR 208 toward Tionesta - 1.8mi
At Camo Cares sign, turn right onto Marble-Strobleton Road - 0.4mi
At Camo Cares sign, turn left at Fryburg Sportsman's Club "Recreational Facility" - You're there!

GPS Address & Coordinates
3100 Marble Strobleton Road, Tionesta, PA

41° 21' 46.52" N

79° 24' 29.30" W


41.3629589 N

79.4080953 W